Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the blur

Life as we know it has changed. We are living the blur...

To fill you in, our girls did come home on Thursday, October 20th! We took them the next day to the pediatrician to find out they weighed 4.6 and 4.7lbs. A week later, we took them for another weight check and found out they weighed 4.10 and 4.14lbs!

Naomi and Isabella are six weeks old now. Right now, our life is focused on doing everything possible so that these girls continue to thrive and stay healthy. This will be a different season than what we are used to including a lot of sleepless nights, tiredness, mostly staying at home, but that being said we feel very blessed.  Our nights and days consist of three hour increments (4 if we are lucky) where the girls sleep 2 hours or so and then are awake and eating and getting clean diapers the other part of the hour. They still sleep a lot which is normal for baby's born so early (remember they weren't due until November 17th), but over the last week we've noticed that they've become more alert and awake to the world around them. Josiah is settling in well to the role of big brother.  He has been gentle and kind to the girls and if you know how much he likes to sing and dance you won't be surprised to know that he loves entertaining the girls. They aren't quite into it yet since they are kinda oblivious to the world around them in general, but we know they will love it as they get older =)

It's hard to believe that just three years ago this time we were preparing for Josiah's arrival and now we are a crazy family of 5! We really couldn't do it without all the prayers and support of our family and friends. Thank you for all the emails, meals, help with Josiah and everything else whether big or small that has helped us survive the last few months. I know we still haven't seen many of you in a while and lots of people still haven't met Naomi and Isabella in person yet, but we know that will happen over the coming months. Thanks for your patience with us.  Here are some more pictures of the girls with names. Enjoy!

Isabella on the left, Naomi on the right. Right after they first came home.
Naomi Hope

Isabella Grace

Isabella on the left, Naomi on the right. Snuggling on their pillow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

one step closer

It's been a while since we have done an update about our girls. The girls are 35 weeks old today and both have grown to weigh over 4 lbs. And we have some exciting news... as long as they continue to gain weight over the next two days, Isabella and Naomi will come home on Thursday! We are hopeful and excited to finally be together as a family of five :)

The girls got their pictures taken today and we would invite you to take a look: Click on "View my photos:Login" and type our password in 0927walkertwins
*We think they are the cutest twins around!*

Saturday, October 8, 2011

little bits

This is how they started almost two weeks ago...

 And look at them now...

Naomi & Isabella

Time has flown by fast as these girls continue to grow. Yesterday they were moved to a smaller room which means they are getting closer to the time they will be discharged. Our spirits continue to be encouraged as we enjoy the daily sweet moments. We've been able to bathe both girls, change their diapers, feed them and spend lots of time just snuggling. We continue to ask you to pray for the girls health and continual progress toward coming home.

Until they come home we have plenty to do!
  • Liz to recover from 7 weeks of bedrest and a C-section
  • Our family needs to rest as much as possible
  • Prepare the girl's nursery
  • Educate ourselves on how to prepare for life with preemie twins
We appreciate all the meals, driving help, help with Josiah, prayers, phone calls, texts, flowers, and baby items for the girls.

Giving Naomi her first bath

Isabella sleeping  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Help with Meals

We have greatly appreciated having meals provided so that we can focus on the babies and just being a family. We have added more meals to our weekly schedule especially as we are going back and forth to the hospital. We would appreciate any types of dinner including carry out or frozen dinners as meals. As I am pumping for our two little ones, my appetite has increased to eating for two and I really enjoy hearty, filling meals. If you have any questions, please contact my friend Sarah Ovaska (all her information is on the site). Thank you!

Meal site:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

a place called home

54 days. I feel as if I should get 54 tatooed onto my hand or wear the number 54 as a jersey number now :) I am finally home from what seemed like a never ending hospital stay and I am so glad. Sitting here in our comfy leather chair seems surreal and almost dream like. But I can't wait to wake up in my own house with my family instead of a hospital room!

Today we were happy to find the girls had their IVs removed! The girls now only have an NG tube (a tube going to their stomach) which they fill with my breast milk and a heart rate monitor. It's amazing to walk into the NICU and find they have less invasive instruments each time. They are continuing to try bottle feeding so they can begin to learn how to suck and swallow.

Here are some photos of girls "unplugged", enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The girls first photo op!

Isabella Grace right from the delivery room

Naomi Hope after her bath and visiting mom in the NICU
Josiah on his way to visit his sisters for the first time!

The girls and mom are doing really good. Naomi and Isabella are both breathing on their own which is great with only a little oxygen support. We got to hold them both for a few minutes and the nurses said they are doing great for their first day.  Josiah got to meet them and he was very excited and even sang them a song. He is going to be a great big brother. As of right now we anticipate the girls being here at least 3 weeks and possibly more and Liz should be coming home sometime this weekend. We have felt so blessed by all love and support - thank you all for being a part of our journey which is now just moving into a different stage.

They are here!

We just wanted to let you know that Naomi Hope Walker and Isabella Grace Walker have arrived! Naomi was born at 6:41 and was 3 pounds 9 oz. Isabella was born at 6:42 and was 3 pounds 15 oz. The babies are doing well from the few moments we spent with them and we will have more information after their assessment. We will post some pictures soon - thanks so much for the prayer and support!